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The Journey of the Wish

The Journey of the Wish

The proposal to illustrate the fairy tale by the emerging author Konstantina Barla took place during the period when I was creating a series of works that would constitute the content of my exhibition, “Universal Archetypes – Symbols of the Psyche”. So, I adapted the illustration of this fairy tale to the style and technique of the works I was already working on. Images of the Wish joined and met the Universal Archetypes, they travelled with them to the magical Cosmic Ceremony of life, in which, as I mention in my painting exhibition, molecules and worlds are carried by an invincible tide. Planets and suns derive and flow from the heart of Existence, only to eventually return back.  After an undoubtedly adventurous journey of trials, trials similar to what heroes from fairy tales are challenged to overcome, the book was published in 2021. Several of the illustrations featured in the book were originally showcased as part of my solo painting exhibition, “Universal Archetypes – Symbols of the Psyche”. This exhibition, which faced two consecutive cancellations, from two consecutive lockdowns amid the challenging period of the global pandemic, finally came to fruition in February and March of 2023 at the Black Duck Multiplarte gallery in Athens.

In this section, you’ll discover a selection of images from the book’s illustrations, and I invite you to embark on a journey with them, where limitless possibilities await!


Zoe Nikitaki


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