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Fairytales from the Kingdom of Wizards

Fairytales from the Kingdom of Wizards and from the Secret Chest of the Sky

In this section, you’ll get to find a selection of magical illustrations that happen to accompany “Fairytales from the Kingdom of Wizards and from the Secret Chest of the Sky”.

They come straight from the heart of the Everlasting Kingdom, calling upon you to kindle the blazing heart of the world with your bravery. I wanted to touch the spirit of a child, whether it dwells within a kid’s body or that of an adult, matters not. My desire was to infuse it with a little bit of stardust from world overground that, in some way, find their reflection in our daily existence on Earth. Some of these images took part in the International Children’s Book Illustration competition in Bologna. I hope the magic encapsulated within, will give wings to your heart! The book will soon be available through Dharma Publications, ready to be explored!

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Welcome to the world of painting and art!
Art for me is a secret gateway to transition and communicate with the magical parallel reality, to breathe and reconnect with my soul's song. Through art I discover every time from the beginning the path to converse with a deep and invisible side of the world, to be able to transform darkness into light and pain into a path for rebirth and transformation

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