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Coloring Healing Book – Inner Visions

Coloring Healing Book –
Painting the Visions of the Inner Source

In this section, you’ll find a selection of images from my Coloring Healing book. I crafted them as intricate Magical Maps, designed to lead us on a profound journey back to our origins, the Source. The place where we all came from, where our countless lifetimes of exploration and growth started, and where we’ll eventually return to, when the world of tangible forms reaches its conclusion.


I painted 37 images devoid of color, that emerged beyond comprehension and through a meditative state of deep contemplation, like visions of the soul, like Magical Maps that serve as guidance, for the secret cosmic journey of existence back to the Source.


These 37 images constitute Magical Cosmomaps of the mystical Psychogeography. I chose not to incorporate colors into these images, despite my deep love for color as both a painter and a practitioner of psychodynamic color therapy. My artworks usually burst with vibrant and luminous hues, much like the illustrations in my fairy tales.

My goal is:

  • For you to paint with colors that you choose, colors that will spontaneously emerge from the golden chalice of your heart, to color these images – magical cosmomaps
  • To immerse yourself in the magical journey of co-creation. Each image, as you colour, can function as a mantra, like a prayer that will imprint a new awareness within you and simultaneously activate faith in yourself, faith in your wholeness, your sufficiency, and faith in the true purpose of your existence.

Each image serves as a therapeutic symbol or a cipher, somehow functioning as a mandala, a tool to remind us of our connection with the Divine, God, and all living beings. In Tibet, a teacher often draws a mandala for the student and allows them to meditate upon its symbolism for many years before imparting further instructions.


In a mandala, the source is its center, the dot. Likewise, my images have originated from the point of a dot, however, in my images, the dot was not necessarily at the center of the picture. The dot is a symbol completely free from dimensions. It signifies the seed, the sperm, a droplet, the initial prominent point. It’s the converging center where all external energies gather. The first line is drawn, for the following lines to harmoniously exist and intersect, creating shapes. Could it be that within each image, a seed may be hidden? And if so, what kind of seed would it be? And indeed, for everyone who gazes upon the image, that seed may be unique and singular. When one begins the process of colouring an image, they may discover that the seed that emerged, becomes more specific in their perception and understanding.


Zoe Nikitaki


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Art for me is a secret gateway to transition and communicate with the magical parallel reality, to breathe and reconnect with my soul's song. Through art I discover every time from the beginning the path to converse with a deep and invisible side of the world, to be able to transform darkness into light and pain into a path for rebirth and transformation

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