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Painting in my Life

Art is the highest stimulus for the renewal of the spirit.

Painting in my life

Our creativity is rooted in vitality. The guarantee for humanity’s happiness lies in beauty. For this reason, we affirm that Art is the highest stimulant for the renewal of the spirit. We consider art to be immortal and boundless. We draw a distinct line between knowing and science, for knowing is art, and science is a method. The element of Fire intensifies Art and spiritual creativity. Thus, the marvelous pearls of art can practically uplift and instantly transform the spirit. All is attainable through spiritual elevation, for only internal flames can provide the necessary power of receptivity. Truly, the pearls of art elevate humanity, and the fires of spiritual creativity offer humanity a new understanding of beauty. In this way, we appreciate integrity around the core and recognize Service in the Hierarchy through the heart.

A statement about my art

As far as I can remember, I’ve always been painting. As a child, I would draw on any surface that lays in front of me. Painting functioned not only as second nature to me, but also as a deeply vital need. And this inner necessity and drive never ceased, even as I traversed the garden of my childhood. I am primarily a self-taught painter, living by creating paintings, through images that serve as external symbols of internal truths, qualities and powers of my soul, the soul of all things and their universal divine source.

Through painting, I dive into the mysterious truths of the Unknown Self, attempting to comprehend its contours and cosmic depths. At times, I uncover transformative sky-drops, liberating cracks in the Infinite, and occasionally, I recognize in my canvases the efforts of capturing and comprehending the face of my own being.

For me, painting is my way of connecting to the Source of the Universal Mind that resides within us, linking us to the silver cosmic thread of understanding, to the Universal Design, and to the path of fulfilling our destiny and existence. Painting, to me, is both meditation and prayer, a magical ladder from Heaven to Earth.

I love painting the unseen, the secret and celestial worlds, worlds that exist in fairytales, in children’s dreams, and in the visions of souls.

Through the trees, I see the Spirits of Nature singing and guiding, and through the birds, I hear the magical assistants of the Heavens speaking and softly whispering fairytales, reminding us that when in harmony and connection with nature, humans can become wonderful companions, capable enough to transformate life. Many people ask me why I gave such a peculiar name to my art, “Therapeutic Journey – Psychodynamic Color Storytelling”.             My answer is that life itself is a journey, but at the same time, it’s also a transformative art of traveling. The deeper you venture into it and the larger space you create within your heart for it to move and transform you, the more healing power it can possess for yourself, your art, and those you’ve allowed to journey within you alongside your art.


To narrate tales is an unquestionable destiny that I had to follow, attuned to the inner voice of the soul, just as painting was an instinctive and vital necessity, like breathing. Color has always played an exceptionally significant role for me, much like the enchanting language of poetry and the symbols of fairy tales. The art of journeying through the magical language of symbols and their deciphering, unlocked by the fields of color and fairy tale, operates in a deeply healing manner for the soul..


“Once upon”, the fairy tale chimed,

“A time”, I whispered in kind,

At the everlasting kingdom, I set forth on my way,

Leaving back the old path, come what may.

With birds of the Invisible, as friends we converse

While climbing the silver thread, my chosen course

Legless I’d ascend, into the boundless sky

Celestial gifts to bring to Earth, from a world up high.

For the Unreachable Word to blend with soul and sing

To be imbued by the wondrous Life-Giving Spring,

To craft wings from its waters child,

To take flight, with Universe’s roof in sight

And with soaring grace, plant the sky seed in Earth’s light


(Excerpt from the  “Colouring Healing Book, Painting the Visions of the Inner Source”, Zoe Nikitaki, Ocelotos publications)


I love painting, just as I love fairy tales. It’s like narrating with images instead of words. In both cases, I feel like I’m dealing with a dream. After all, most of us are beings made of the substance of Dreams to some extent. It’s in our destiny to dream, and perhaps because dreams are transformed through words and images, they become fairy tales and paintings that nourish our soul. Fairy tales and painting are my ways of embarking on a magical journey and transmitting the power, a consistently therapeutic process.


In our times, I firmly believe that an artist should, more than ever, embrace the role of a warrior of Light, a guardian of Dreams, an achiever of the Impossible, dedicated to fulfilling their mission beneath the wave…

My first solo exhibition was held at the atmospheric Batthouse of the Winds Museum. Since then, my artistic journey led me to partake in multiple group exhibitions, as well as contribute to book illustrations, both in Greece and abroad.

“Universal Archetypes – Symbols of the Psyche” constitutes my third solo exhibition., A series of artworks that explore the existential and transformative qualities of color, emerging from the silent world of black. These images are portrayed as enigmatic symbols that can serve as gateways to otherworldly realms and, simultaneously, as journeys of self-discovery and inner landscape mapping of the Soul. Images that imprint the Cosmic Ceremony of life, where people, molecules, and worlds are carried by an unstoppable tide. Planets and suns derive and flow from the heart of Existence, only to eventually return back.


These images are depicted as magical psychographs, allowing us to peer into what happens in their hidden, unknown, primal, mysterious, eternal, the unspeakable and untouchable side. They delve into universal themes of existence and life, employing the language of the collective unconsciousness of humanity, the language of archetypes according to Jung.

Archetypes are global, We encounter them in dreams, in visions, in ancient mythology, in fairy tales, in the magical visual language of children, and in the mystical rituals of ancient tribal communities, as symbols that express the unfiltered psychic experience. They have the power to penetrate the consciousness and influence the perceived reality. They can communicate and speak to a deep level of human consciousness, touching the soul. Like dreams, they are simultaneously distant and familiar. They contain a series of allegories and symbols that the subconscious perceives in order to guide us towards self-purification and redemption. The time they explore is an eternal present, like the Dreamtime, as the Aboriginals of Australia call it, for whom it represents the true reality and forges a living path between people’s souls.


For Jung, archetypes represent an inexhaustible wellspring of ancestral knowledge concerning the profound relationships between God, humanity, and the universe. Archetypes have always been and continue to be living psychic forces that demand serious consideration. They have always served as protectors, as saviors, and their violation carries the “perils of the soul”. 


Welcome to the world of painting and art!
Art for me is a secret gateway to transition and communicate with the magical parallel reality, to breathe and reconnect with my soul's song. Through art I discover every time from the beginning the path to converse with a deep and invisible side of the world, to be able to transform darkness into light and pain into a path for rebirth and transformation

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