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Meditations Of The Secret New World

Meditations Of The Secret New World

There is an endless world, my Brother,

and there is the Nameless Being,

of whom naught can be said.

Only he who has reached that region knows,

it is different from what it sounds, or is spoken of.

No form, no body, no length, no breadth exists there.

How can I describe, that which it is?


(Kabir / 1440-1518,  Indian mystic)


These artworks represent a selection from an upcoming art exhibition of mine. They explore the concept of a New World that may remain unseen and unmanifested within the physical realm of our planet, but its existence is not negated. These works symbolize the seeds of this Future World, scattered sporadically like small luminous sparks amidst the darkness of an advancing materialism, which strives vehemently to preserve an already lifeless shell. However, the fiery essence of this emerging World burns eternally within the innards of the old. Humanity is beginning to sense the presence of a greater individual and collective destiny, realizing that it cannot be entirely fulfilled by the offerings of material culture. As Rudolf Steiner aptly observes, the true meaning of the Universe is revealed within the soul. Perhaps unfeasible to be found in what can be seen, heard, or touched… but in that which the soul brings to light from its invisible depths. The Soul itself becomes a source of revelation, unveiling the concealed path to this Mystical New World, a radiant beacon that dispels the surrounding darkness. It is a universal law that darkness yields to the audacity of light.


The spiritual endeavors of a powerful community imprint an image of profound significance, bringing the New World closer to the transition from the abstract realm into tangible reality.


…I recall the story of a young Indian who encountered the Teacher. We asked him:

“Is it possible for the sun to dim for you, if seen in the absence of the Teacher?”

The boy smiled:

“The sun will remain unchanged, but in the presence of the Teacher, twelve suns will shine for me.”

The Sun of Wisdom will shine brilliantly, for on the bank of a river sits a boy who knows the Master.


Agni Yoga



Some of the paintings in this series have been featured in a dedicated exhibition at the Helmi’s Natural History Museum. Additionally, some of them took part in group exhibitions or have adorned the covers of my books. More specifically:

  • The painting “Spirits Guards” was showcased in the 2016 exhibition “In your name, sea” at Diexodos Museum in Mesologgi. Additionally, it adorned the first edition of my book, “Fairytales for the truth of our heart” which was published by Konidaris publications in 2015.
  • The painting “Τhe perpetual motion of the Tree of Life in the secret garden” was featured in the 2018 exhibition at Trii Art Hub, in Athens.
  • In 2022, the painting “Τhe sacred gate of Joy” was selected to represent a well-known radio show on the Voice of Greece at ERT.
  • The painting “Τhe Spirit of the Woman Bird” graced the cover of an art supplement in a renowned daily newspaper, accompanied by an interview of me.
  • The painting “Βeyond time” was used to decorate the cover of my book and the collector’s box of the edition titled “From heart to heart, anything is possible” initially released in 2019 by Life Alphabet publications.
  • The painting “Ariadne’s thread and the Student” was part of the exhibition “Ariadne’s thread” held in 2022 at Contemporary Space Athens gallery.
  • In 2021, the paintings “Τhe Messenger of the World”, “Celestial Whispers from Space” were chosen to participate in the International Exhibition Biennale, Bibart Biennale Internazionale d’Arte di Bari e area Metropolitana, in Italy.



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