Zoe Nikitaki is a storyteller, a visual artist and an illustrator, who lives and creates in Athens, Greece. She creates  interactive performances of storytelling and also writes and illustrates books for children and for adults who keep on dreaming and want to be reconnected with the inner child. She studied classic philology in the Philosophy Faculty at the University of Athens and worked for years teaching with love and inspiration as a philologist and as a museum educator as well, in the Museum of the Greek Folk Art in Athens.
She focus on the healing power and operation of the storytelling and the art generally and she believes that the storytelling is an act of love and power transmission, a process of initiation for the journey of the soul and the evolution of the consciousness.
The art for Zoe is a secret gate to communicate with a parallel magic reality, to breath and to be reconnected with the song of her soul. She is a self taught artist mainly, but through the art she has the chance to discover the path from the beginning every moment, to communicate with a deep side of this world, to transform darkness into light and pain into a path to rebirth and transformation.
The creation through the art is for her like a prayer, a continuous proceed of sacred ritual, a meditation and a remembrance of the Divine. A way to listen deeply within the sparks of the dream and communicate with other worlds. And perhaps a way of transformation of the consciousness and the external reality as well.
She believes that as artists we have the duty to service this planet and to work through our vision and creation to transform the external reality and to bring beauty, harmony and awakening of the consciousness.

Welcome to her website. I hope that you will get inspiration and happiness.