-Christina Marselou, theatrologist and educator of theatre, in the storytelling performance “The goldengreen bird – Tales and theatrical games”, a sack of tales about gnomes, fairies and mythical creatures” (in the gallery Black Duck Multiplarte for a season, in the theater Fournos and for the children of “Ark of the World”)

-Vasilis Alafogiannis, flutist, in a lot of storytelling performances in collaboration with a lot of spaces (for example, “My name is Bobiras, my name is Babalos, my name is Buemi”, “A bird speaks, in order to tell us a fairy tale”,” Myths and Legends of the Sea “,” The Pleiades and the Morning Star “, etc.)

-Aggeliki Gali, mezzo soprano, in the storytelling performance for the European Heritage Days, “Unraveling the thread of the time”

-Stathis Roupakiotis, quitarist, in the storytelling performance for the European Heritage Days, “Unraveling the thread of the time”

-Vassilis Vassilakis, quitarist, in the presentation of “Folk tales of Zakynthos” at the Museum “Bath House of the Winds”

– Melina Skoufou, theatrologist and director in the storytelling performance “Whatever made by heart, always finds its way” (Gang of the Sun, Artspace)

–  Seiwa Bunraku, japanese puppet theatre, in the performance “Yuki Onna” (during the Greek -Japanese Conference for Lafcadio Hearn,  Lefcada island)

– Katerina Konstantinou,  Mikko Papadopoulos Laitinen, musicians, in the presentation of the book “Tales for the truth of our heart” in the bookstore  “Epi Lexei”



Museum of Greek Folk Arts

Museum of the “Bath House of the Winds”

Museum “People and Tools”

Herakleidon Museum of Arts

Fournos Theatre

Kakogiannis Foundation

Pyrna Cultural Centre

Anadysis, Centre of physical and spiritual awareness

Technochoros art gallery

Greek – French Coorporation art gallery

Black Duck Multiplarte art gallery

Gang of the Sun Artspace

Athenian Conservatory

Technopolis City of Athens

Book Arcade art gallery

Garden Athens Concert Hall

Athens Centre

For the Cancer Hospital of S. Savvas

I created and presented from 2008 to 2012 interactive storytelling performances

for the cancer patients, like the following:

“Journey to the garden of the fairy tales and our heart’s truth”

“Fairytales traveling and healing.”


Some of them:

– In cooperation with the Museum of Greek Folk Art and Educational Programs Department of the Museum I presented daily educational programs (from 2006 to 2014) for children of all levels of education combining the scientistic subject of folk arts with the storytelling and art activities.

– In collaboration with a lot of schools in Greece I have presented performances and educational programs of storytelling with various themes.

– In collaboration with Akritas Publications I created and presented  a comprehensive program an educational program of storytelling from the oral tradition of a lot of places, like of Asia Minor, Crete, Cyprus, Imvros, Calabria, accompanied by musical instruments, for students of all the grades of primary schools. This program, entitled “Tales traveling from mouth to mouth” traveled to schools during the school year 2010 – 2011. This program was promoted in radio and tv shows. It was an interactive program with the active participation of the children and the creation of artworks through an art workshop. The purpose of the workshop was the children’s artwork to decorate the rooms of a Cancer Hospital and the connection connection of the artistic creation with the social contribution and service for the humanity.


1. Fournos Theatre Festival with the storytelling performance “The goldengreen bird – Tales and theatrical games”, a sack of tales about gnomes, fairies and mythical creatures” ( in collaboration with the theatrologist, Christina Marcelou).

  1. Aegina Fistiki Festival in Aegina, with the storytelling performance for children, “the wind blew carrying fairy tales to the seaside”

3. OikoFestival “in-house”, Georgiadis Park, Heraklion Crete with the storytelling performance “The giving tree and other miraculous oikotales”.

4. International Street Theatre Festival with four interactive performances of storytelling in the park of Thisio and the M. Kakoyannis Foundation, “Let us unravel the red string in order to hear what truth will tell us ..”

5. Wonder Festival, 1st Festival of Voluntary Groups, in Technopolis City of Athens, with the interactive storytelling performance for adults with active participation of the public entitled “Tales traveling with the Spirit of Love.”

6. Lembessi Art Festival in collaboration with Technohoros Art gallery

7. 1st Educational Festival IEK Xini

8. Yoga Spring Fair in the Athens Concert Hall Garden.

9. Festival in Mets “Neighborhoods of the World”


I have taken part representing the “BREATH OF LOVE”, Volunteers Association for Emotional and Social Support of People with cancer and their families, with speeches about the healing power of the art and with a storytelling performance:

1. in the Conference of Media on “Cancer – Media, Information Flow”, 2011.

2. in the 7th National Congress of Clinical Oncology, 2011.

3. I took part in the scientific conference about the personality and the spiritual work of Marietta Minotou in the National History Museum (Old Parliament building) and the Cultural Centre of Zakynthos, in September and October of 2012. I presented my book “Folk Tales of Zakynthos” .

4. Greek Japanese Conference about Lafcadio Hearn in the island Lefkada, in July 2014, where I participated with live storytelling in collaboration with the Seiwa Bunraku japanese puppet theatre.


In 2013 I gave seminars for students of the preschool education department about the storytelling and illustration of fairy tales.