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I have designed PERFORMANCES OF STORYTELLING with various themes and in collaboration with various spaces. For example:

“The goldengreen bird”, a sack of tales about gnomes, fairies and mythical creatures” (in the gallery Black Duck Multiplarte, in the theater Fournos and in Samothrace with the cooperation of cultural institutions of the island.)

” A journey to the garden of the fairy tales and our heart’s truth” ( St. Savvas Cancer Hospital)

“Tales traveling and healing”   ( St. Savvas Cancer Hospital)

“The wind blew carrying tales to the seaside “ (Aegina Fistiki Fest, Marcellus Tower)

“Let us unravel the red thread, to listen what truth will tell us” (the 3rd International Street Theatre Festival, Michael Cacoyannis Foundation)

“The giving tree and other miraculous oikotales” (Heraklion, Crete OikoFestival)

– “A bird speaks, in order to tell us a fairy tale” (Pyrna, Kifissia)

– “Tales traveling from mouth to mouth,” Educational program of storytelling for schools (in collaboration with Akritas publications)

“Tales traveling to the the Book Arcade” ( the Art Gallery of the Book Arcade)

“The lord and the painter” (Spyros Vassiliou Museum)

“Fish, birds and animals speaking with human voice calling us for a magical journey of   transformation” (Museum of Greek Folk Art)

“A Storyteller passed by…”  (Bookstore Plaisio, Zakynthos)

“A Christmas boat full of fairy tales” (Herakleidon Museum, Athens Conservatory)

– “My name is Bobiras, my name is Babalos, my name is Buemi” (Christmas tales for children, Museum of Greek Folk Art and  in collaboration with various institutions and associations)

“Unraveling the thread of the time” (Museum of People and Equipment, European Heritage Days),

“What if I talk with fairy tales, is because you can hear me sweeter”, tales evenings with candlelight for adults who keep on dreaming (Gang of the Sun, Artspace)

“Whatever made by heart, always finds its way”, tales and theatrical games (Gang of the Sun, Artspace)

“Tales for the truth of our heart”, for adults who keep on dreaming and for children (Garden of the Athens Concert Hall)

“The red thread of the fairy tales will emerge from the heart”, fairy tales for adults who keep      on dreaming and for children over 8 years (Anadysis, centre of physical and spiritual awareness)

“Fairy tales of the world” (Athens Centre, Festival Mets – “A neighborhood of the world”)