Picture 2… I tell stories for children and for adults who keep on dreaming, sometimes I write and illustrate books with fairy tales and stories. I have been painting since I can remember myself and I have taught for two decades, children of all levels of education as philologist and in the period 2006 – 2014 as a museum educator at the Museum of Greek Folk Art in Athens.

I love fairy tales because they are like birds. They can be listened only by the children and by those, who have a pure heart, like my grandmother, who gave the breath of the spirit of the storytelling in my mind and heart. I like telling stories by the written and the oral tradition of Greece and stories from other cultures and countries of our planet. I love the magical folk tales and wisdom stories, which carry the truth on their wings since the dawn of the time. I create and give interactive performances of storytelling with various thematic in museums, schools, galleries, radio and TV shows, in theaters, oncology hospital for cancer patients, the Athens Conservatory, festivals for children, the 3rd International Street Theatre Festival, Mihalis Kakoyannis Foundation, the City of Athens Technopolis,  in cooperation with various municipalities and cultural institutions of Greece, in cooperation with the japanese puppet theater Seiwa Bunraku in the greek-japanese conference for Lafcadio Hearn, the Athens Concert Hall garden, etc. I have collaborated with the Ministry of Culture and with the Ministry of Education in Greece.

I’ve taken part in seminars and conferences with lectures about the art of storytelling and its healing power and function. I have created educational programs and seminars about the art of storytelling for students of the preschool education. I focus on the healing power and operation of storytelling and I think that that narrating a story is an act of power transmission, a process of initiation for the journey of the soul and the evolution of consciousness.