Tales for the truth of our heart – books

Text – Illustration: Zoe Nikitaki
Konidaris Publications

Dimension: 14 X 21
Pages: 75
ISBN: 978-960-3921-50-9
February 2015

“Once upon a time, at the beginning of the Whole, or before of everything, all the people were Gods. They saw the storm coming and then the storm was breaking over the ocean. They heard the earthquake and then the land was moving.
They saw the Tree and the seed grew more and more and it took flowers and fruits and made branches and strong trunk and beneath it used to take a rest the Dreams and sometimes the Sorrows. They were thinking of a planet and the planet was formed, they were dreaming a world and the world was created. They used to breath and every time they were taking a breath,  a magical staircase was stretched between the earth and the sky and the dreams, the wishes and prayers were unfolded. Nothing seemed impossible and all the chances and opportunities for the miracle were carried inside them.”

The tale is a way for the human to reach in the depths of the soul and to listen, to communicate with the silence, fears, egos. It is a way to dream, to recall, to be reconnected with our soul and weave our reality. But it is also a magic path in order to overpass the illusion of the fear, but also a way to get  the end of the thread, a way to create from the beginning the bridge. Besides, all the tales of the world carry strings of the dreams since the dawn of time, speak in a symbolic and parabolic way about the long journey of the soul in order to return to the Source, the initiatory journey of self consciousness through the passage of  the life and the process of consciousness.
And how cannot this material be durable in time, as it is in the fate of the human to dream, to visualize and give life in the dreams through the marvelous gift of the creation, which has been given?
In this book, you will find 12 tales about the truths of our heart, some of them inspired by old stories of wisdom of the East, and some of them created from the beginning…
Tales for adults who keep on dreaming and want to be reconnected with the core of their existence and rediscover truths of the heart, that have been forgotten. Moreover, from the beginning of time, the fairy tales were a way, an opportunity  for the members of the community to meet each other around a fire, to communicate through their heart, to share their sorrow, the pain, their grief, but also their joy and dreams. Through the tales the people could talk about the great truths for painful situations, for unsustainable pain in a simple and sweet way,  through a poetic and symbolic language. This world, which the fairy tales carry on their wings, can connect us with a magical parallel reality, where everything is possible.
As for the images of the illustration of the tales are watercolors on paper, or on newspaper, most of them coming from the series “Blue Hours”. Some of them were created near the sea and some of them under the sea of  the dreams …
I hope all of you to travel with me in the land, where the unspeakable and the unbelievable can meet together, with a red thread that has been waiting to be unfolded …

Zoe Nikitaki