Tales for the truth of our heart

The images of the illustration comes
From the series: “BLUE HOURS”
Watercolors and pencils on paper and newspaper

In this book “Tales for the truth of our heart” you will find some  pictures that are watercolors and pencils on paper or on newspaper or using the newspaper as a collage, which come from the series  “BLUE HOURS”. Some of them were created close to the sea and some of them dreaming the sea or under the sea of the dreams … They were created at different times, but the most of them, when I was in love with love, as the poet Paul Elyard says, or with the dream … I was wondering what would happen with these blue images that were coming out of my brush,  in my old house under the sacred rock of the Acropolis, or next to the the edge of the wave in the Aegean, in the Libyan Sea, or the Ionian Sea, and sometimes in my new studio next to the highly vibrating hill of the Muses… One day the pictures started their journey and continued to come out, get unfolded in the space and spread out. Until one day, they told me that they wanted to meet some stories that I had started to write down. So I started doing a puzzle by placing the images next to the stories and suddenly they began to communicate aloud and to tell me that they had just found their home. Yes, the Blue Hours met the tales for the truth of our heart and loved them. And I did not do nothing more and nothing less than to listen deeply and to follow them in the trip that they called me.

Zoe Nikitaki